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High-Speed Door

  • High speed doors or high-performance doors, are basically designed where fast access for in or out is required. They are made according to European standards. The door is completely tailored-made manufactured by Rudhar.

Some important facts to know about high-speed doors are :

  • High-speed Doors are automated doors that are used to provide quick access between the inside and outside of a structure.
  • In cooperation with German engineers, Heavy Performance Doors are developed and manufactured in a German facility utilizing state-of-the-art and resourceful technical technology for regular usage in high-traffic regions, with opening speeds of up to 1.5–3 persecond.
  • These types of high-speed doors can easily improve the flow of traffic on busy loading bay areas.
  • These high-speed door manufacturers in India will give you fast, safe, efficient, and simple operation in any situation.
  • The rapid opening speed lowers the amount of time required for material transportation, thus expediting the logistics process. The location is visited by our team of experienced engineers, who then suggest the most appropriate fast door to the customer. Rapid doors are designed, produced, and fitted in accordance with international specifications.
  • Many industrial sectors nowadays need a regulated atmosphere in which the quantity of dirt and dust present in the production facility is kept to a bare minimum. Among the industries that have stringent criteria for keeping a dust-free atmosphere are medical instrument manufacturers, electronics and computer manufacturers, the food industry, the pharmaceutical sector, and certain military applications, to name a few. High-speed doors have become a necessary component of almost every business.
  • Rudhar offers wide range of High Performance Roll Up Doors which is suitable for many options for areas like where we need special requirements for temperature control, Internal or External use, cold storages, warehouses, Food Industries where optimum temperature required.