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Rolling Shutter >> Aluminum Puff Insulated Rolling Shutter

  • Aluminum puff-insulated roller Shutters are used in areas where the optimum ambient temperature needs to be constantly maintained and in areas where minimal maintenance and a beautiful appearance are required. Basically, the purpose of an insulated lath is to reduce heat transfer.
  • It can be used in various environments, e.g., loading docks, factories, warehouses, and anywhere where safety and thermal insulation are required. They can be used for both small and large openings, depending on the situation. Due to the lightness of the material, operation is smooth and almost silent.
  • Rolling shutter laths insulated with polyurethane foam are ideal for a pleasant look combined with thermal and acoustic insulation. We produce our PUF-insulated rolling shutters to protect your premises from dust while also protecting against theft, vandalism, and storms. Suitable for small mor Large industrial warehouses, factories, loading docks. Aluminium Insulated rolling shutters are a good choice.
  • Rudhar Aluminium Insulated Rolling Shutters are one of the most reputable & demanded PUF-insulated rolling shutter in India. They strive to meet all your needs for economy, safety, and comfort through advanced and innovative technologies. They strive to produce high-quality, high-performance insulated rolling shutters that consistently meet or exceed our customers' expectations.
  • Due to the fact that the rolling shutter strips are individually PUF-insulated and offer an increased insulation value that goes beyond the requirements of conventional building standards, our insulated rolling shutters are individually manufactured to your specifications.
  • Puff-insulating blinds Suitable for use in industrial environments. It helps maintain ambient or factory temperatures. We offers Powder coated and Raw Aluminium finish for a professional look.

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