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High Speed Door >> Self repairing Door

Rudhar self-repairing roll-up doors are Designed & Developed to meet current industrial needs & requirements of different working environments.

High-quality panels are used, a resistive safety edge is aligned with the bottom edge of the door, and sensors, photocells, and barriers are used to make the product both safe and durable, being totally self-repairing, all because of its "Anti-Crash System”.

Rudhar Self Repairing Door are high-speed flexible doors with a parameter structure in galvanized or stainless steel, which is ideal rolling Curtain. The door curtain rides effortlessly within a track, thanks to the special profile and hinge designed by us, requiring low maintenance. The curtain is rolled up on a roller placed within the upper crossbeam.

Rudhar Doors can be equipped with counterweight or UPS batteries to fully open the door in case of power failure, and they can also be equipped with large transparent sections to create a brighter and safer working environment.

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