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Our barriers are designed to allow individual vehicles to pass through and regulate the entry and exit of vehicles. Depending on the area of application, we offer electrically operated models. The latter are designed for continuous use and can easily handle a high volume of traffic. The cantilever lengths are variable, which means that large pitch widths can also be secured. With the help of data management, devices can be easily switched on and off. Ideal solution for heavy traffic with quick opening and closing.

  • Available in different size variance namely, upto 6m & 8m
  • Robust housing incorporating the working links for boom barrier working
  • Regulates pedestrian and vehicle traffic with hassle free operation
  • Resting stand as per the client’s requirement.
  • Manual release in case of power cut off
  • Heavy duty powder coated steel casing & Aluminium extruded boom profile.
  • Efficient security at the exit and the entry points of factories, office complexes, corporate houses, residential Buildings, parking lots, toll tax plazas or any road.
  • Boom barriers are easy to operate through push button/remote control systems/magnetic loop detectors/ flashing lamp/ RFID access system etc.
  • Optional symbolic LED notification for easy passing access

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